Accepted papers

Long research papers

 Florian Mathis, Yu Sun and Adrian Preussner

MRTranslate: Bridging Language Barriers in the Physical World Using a Mixed Reality Point-and-Translate System

Yosra Rekik, Adnane Guettaf, Matthieu Rupin, Milad Jamalzadeh and Laurent Grisoni

Enhancing Touch Circular Knob with Haptic Feedback when Performing Another Saturating Attention Primary Task


 Francesco Chiossi, Changkun Ou and Sven Mayer

Optimizing Visual Complexity for Physiologically-Adaptive VR Systems: Evaluating a Multimodal Dataset using EDA, ECG and EEG Features


 Guanghan Zhao, Xiaodan Hu, Jason Orlosky and Kiyoshi Kiyokawa

ReAR Indicators: Peripheral Cycling Indicators for Rear-Approaching Hazards


 Xiaoyi Wang and Kasper Hornbæk

Multi-state Visualizations of Descriptive Statistics


 Rosella Gennari and Soufiane Krik

Responsible Design of Socio-Technical Solutions with Social Design Students: a Case Study


 Grace Guo, Aishwarya Mudgal Sunil Kumar, Adit Gupta, Adam Coscia, Chris MacLellan and Alex Endert

Visualizing Intelligent Tutor Interactions for Responsive Pedagogy


 Barbara Rita Barricelli, Daniela Fogli, Luigi Gargioni, Angela Locoro and Stefano Valtolina

Towards the Unification of Computational Thinking and EUDability: Two Cases from Healthcare


 Yidong Huang, Gaëlle Calvary and Yann Laurillau

Making Thermostats Great Again: Investigating Touch-Based Thermal Sensation for Manual Control of Thermostats


 Rifat Mehreen Amin, Feng Chen, Linda Hirsch, Changkun Ou, Tran-Vu La and Andreas Butz

Integrating Crowd and Machine Learning in an Intelligent Interface: A Case Study of Oil Spill Detection in Satellite Images


 Alex Gabriel, Josselin Deborde and Alaa Hassan

Exploring the Acceptability of HELP-XR among Instructors: A Tool for XR Pedagogical Content Creation


 Fabio Pittarello and Manuel Semenzato

Experimenting with Dataphys, a Physicalization Toolkit for Representing Spatio-Temporal Environmental Data


 Hugo Le Tarnec, Olivier Augereau, Elisabetta Bevacqua and Pierre De Loor

Impact of Augmented Engagement Model for Collaborative Avatars on a Collaborative Task in Virtual Reality


 Marion Ristorcelli, Alexandre D'Ambra, Jean-Marie Pergandi, Rémy Casanova and Magalie Ochs

Impact of the Nonverbal Behavior of Virtual Audience on Users' Perception of Social Attitudes


 Paolo Grigis and Antonella De Angeli

Playwrighting with Large Language Models: Perceived Features, Interaction Strategies and Outcomes


 Noemi Canovi, Federico Montagna, Radoslaw Niewiadomski, Alessandra Sciutti, Giuseppe Di Cesare and Cigdem Beyan

Diffusion-Based Unsupervised Pre-training for Automated Recognition of Vitality Forms


 Takekazu Kitagishi, Hirotaka Hiraki, Hiromi Nakamura, Yoshio Ishiguro and Jun Rekimoto

Pinching Tactile Display: A Cloth that Changes Tactile Sensation by Electrostatic Adsorption


 Attilio Della Greca, Amaro Ilaria, Cesare Tucci, Nicola Frugieri and Genoveffa Tortora

A user study on the relationship between empathy and facial-based emotion simulation in Virtual Reality


 Federica Gini, Eftychia Roumelioti, Fabio Fiori, Antonia Laura Philipa Jakobi, Boglarka Nyúl, Annapaola Marconi, Maria Paola Paladino, Gianluca Schiavo and Massimo Zancanaro

Tackling Gender-Based Violence Through Gamification: a Preliminary Evaluation


 Parnian Taghipour, Maryam Rezaie, Michelle Levy, Thomas Shermer and Sheelagh Carpendale

Supporting Exploration of Women’s Print History Project Data via  Interactively Constructing Networks of Interest


 Nanjia Wang, Daniel Zielasko and Frank Maurer

User Preferences for Interactive 3D Object Transitions in Cross Reality - An Elicitation Study


Short research papers

Yosra Rekik, Adnane Guettaf, Milad Jamalzadeh and Laurent Grisoni

Comparing Eyes-free Gestures to Gestures Produced in the Presence or Absence of Visual Feedback on Mobile Device


Abdulrahman Mohamed Selim, Maurice Rekrut, Michael Barz and Daniel Sonntag

Speech Imagery BCI Training Using Game with a Purpose


Gian-Luca Savino, Jana Wahls and Johannes Schöning

Mobile Map Applications for Foldable Devices


Alan Dix

Just Counting – a tool ecology for personal numeric information


Yusuke Kojima, Shio Miyafuji, Yuka Tashiro, Satoshi Kiyofuji and Hideki Koike

MR MANE: MR Microsurgical Suturing Skill Acquisition for Novice Using Imitation of Example


Thomas Pasquale, Cristina Gena and Fabiana Vernero

Defining a mid-air gesture dictionary for web-based interaction


Barbara Rita Barricelli, Gerhard Fischer, Daniela Fogli, Anders Morch, Antonio Piccinno and Stefano Valtolina

Advancing the Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Meta-Design


Patrick O'Toole, Maurizio Mancini and Ian Pitt

Sound and Colour: Evaluating Auditory-Visual Tests in Virtual Reality and Traditional Desktop Settings


Grace Guo, John Stasko and Alex Endert

What We Augment When We Augment Visualizations: A Design Elicitation Study of How We Visually Express Data Relationships


Hongyan Zhong, Jun Niu and Junjie Li

InsProg: Supporting Teaching Through Visual Analysis of Students’ Programming Processes


Eva Geurts, Dieter Warson and Gustavo Rovelo

Boosting Motivation in Sports with Data-Driven Visualizations in VR


Yiming Sun, Yang Zhan and Tatsuo Nakajima

Investigating User Experience in Virtual Goods Shopping through a VR Diegetic In-Game Store


Nezih Younsi, Catherine Pelachaud and Laurence Chaby

Diffusion models for virtual agent facial expression generation in Motivational interviewing


Alberto Monge Roffarello, Luigi De Russis and Massimiliano Pellegrino

Digital Wellbeing Lens: Design Interfaces That Respect User Attention


Valerio Belcamino, Miwa Takase, Mariya Kilina, Alessandro Carfì, Fulvio Mastrogiovanni, Akira Shimada and Sota Shimizu   

Gaze-Based Intention Recognition for Human-Robot Collaboration   


Alba Bisante, Venkata Srikanth Varma Datla, Emanuele Panizzi, Gabriella Trasciatti and Stefano Zeppieri         

Enhancing Interface Design with AI: An Exploratory Study on a ChatGPT-4-Based Tool for Cognitive Walkthrough Inspired Evaluations  


Maria De Marsico, Chiara Giacanelli, Clizia Giorgia Manganaro, Alessio Palma and Davide Santoro

VQAsk: a multimodal Android GPT-based application to help blind users visualize pictures  


Mathias Müller, Dietrich Kammer and Ingmar Franke     

Kickstarting Application Development for Elastic Displays with Do-it-yourself Hardware Assembly Instructions


Tatsuma Aoki, Sho Sakurai, Koichi Hirota and Takuya Nojima  

Development and Application of a Simplified Bite Force Measuring Device   


Jordon Johnson, Spencer Yao, Giuseppe Carenini and Jonathan Evans

Flexible Visual Preference Inspection in Group Decision Making          


Yu Sun, Luca Nivini, Gian-Luca Savino, Florian Mathis and Johannes Schöning          

Designing Grocery Shopping Experiences for Virtual Reality     


Quynh Nguyen, Emma Jaspaert, Markus Murtinger, Simone Kriglstein and Manfred Tscheligi

CoLEBricks: Co-Designing Virtual Reality Scenarios with Generative Building Blocks


Yemineni Ashok and Mukesh Kumar Rohil

EgoCentric+: A Multipurpose Data Set for Head-Mounted Wearable Computing Devices     


Margherita Andrao, Diego Morra, Teresa Paccosi, Maristella Matera, Barbara Treccani and Massimo Zancanaro  

"This Sounds Unclear": Evaluating ChatGPT capability in translating end-user prompts into ready-to-deploy Python Code.


Alessandra Luz, Florian Marcher, Lennart E. Nacke and Daniel Vogel 

Encouraging Disengagement: Using Eye Tracking to Examine Attention with Different Levels of Juicy Design


Timo Partala, Mikko Kosonen, Henri Riissanen, Niko Laurila, Jenni Korhonen and Olli-Pekka Leskinen           

Enhancing a Historical Museum Exhibition using a Lifelike Augmented Reality Character: Presence and User Experience      


Elena Benedetto, Gabriele Romano, Ilaria Torre, Mario Vallarino and Gianni Viardo Vercelli

A visual comparison interface for educational videos   


Robbe Cools, Ozan Balcı, Binh Vinh Duc Nguyen, Andrew Vande Moere and Adalberto Simeone   

How a Vertical Surface Supports Cross-Reality Transitional Interface Tasks at Different Virtuality Levels           


Poster papers

Konstantinos Vasilakos

Exploring Sonic Frontiers using Lick-the-Toad (LTT)


Enrico Dorigatti

Exploring Sound (in)Tangibility Through Interactive Interfaces


Finn Massari, Jean-Paul Van Belle and Marita Turpin

Navigating New Realities: Experiences of Early Adopters in the Metaverse


Yukina Kato, Naho Yokoyama, Risa Kimura and Tatsuo Nakajima

Tippy: Recording daily habits for maintaining human well-being through tiny happy


Serena Versino, Tommaso Turchi and Alessio Malizia

Democratizing AI: Expert-Tested VPL-Based Prototype to Foster Participation


Naho Yokoyama, Yukina Kato, Risa Kimura and Tatsuo Nakajima

RamenJourney: A lifelog service for enhancing human daily well-being


Zeynep Piri, Göknur Kaplan, Bilgehan Cagiltay and Kursat Cagiltay

Holomental: Improving Mental Rotation Ability with Mixed Reality


Barbara Rita Barricelli, Luca Cotti, Daniela Fogli, Davide Guizzardi and Matteo Pigoli

A Digital Twin to Enhance Energy Consumption Awareness in a Smart Home


Douha Jerbi, Emna Ghorbel, Majdi Jribi and Faouzi Ghorbel

3D Model Reconstruction from the Equivariant Resampled Three-polar Representation


Simone Gallo, Andrea Mattioli, Fabio Paterno, Barbara Rita Barricelli, Daniela Fogli and Davide Guizzardi

An Architecture for Green Smart Homes Controlled by End Users


Marina Tiuleneva, Emanuele Castano and Radoslaw Niewiadomski

Towards the dataset for analysis and recognition of facial expressions intensity


Satoshi Honda and Yasuyuki Kono

Upper Body Posture Estimation Employing both Palm and Back of the User's Hand Mounted Cameras


Federica Gini, Margherita Andrao, Michele Bagna, Antonio Bucchiarone, Barbara Treccani, Massimo Zancanaro and Annapaola Marconi

Gamified Tangible IoT for Education: Exploring Usability in SmartGame


Elena Stoll, Benjamin Ost and Dietrich Kammer

Investigating the Role of Interactivity for the Aesthetic Pleasure of Information Visualization


Surya Kasturi, Alex Shenfield and Chris Roast

User Insights shaping Machine Learning applied to Archives


Giovanna Varni and Gualtiero Volpe

A Segmentation Framework based on Cognitive Sciences for Empowering Hybrid Co-Working in Industry 5.0


Maria Kielb, Franziska Hannß and Rainer Groh

Understanding Visitor Behavior in Museums: A Case Study on the Potential of Interactive Museum Installations


Sieun Park, Wonje Jeong and Soon-Yong Park

6-DoF Pose Estimation and CAD Model Retrieval for XR Interface from a Single RGB Image


Grazia Ragone, Paolo Buono, Domenico Desiato, Giuseppe Desolda, Francesco Greco and Rosa Lanzillotti

Towards a human factors assessment questionnaire for cybersecurity incidents


Angela Martone, Federica Cena, Cristina Gena and Fabiana Vernero

Securing the smart home environment: an experiment on the impact of explainable warnings


Diana Boskovic, Isabelle Ermeryd Tankred, Qingyuan Ma, Alexander Can Zois, Sjoerd Hendriks and Mohammad Obaid

Prototyping An Interactive Ambient Plant for Meditation

Berardina Nadja De Carolis, Giuseppe Palestra and Edoardo Oranger

Social Robots vs. Chatbots: Evaluating the Effect as a Persuasive Technology for Children in the Healthy Eating Domain

Mario Vallarino, Ilaria Torre, Gianni Vercelli

Leveraging motion to foster learning by working with immersive concept maps

Paola Barra, Andrea Antonio Cantone, Rita Francese, Marco Giammetti, Raffaele Sais, Otino Pio Santosuosso, Aurelio Sepe, Simone Spera, Genny Tortora and Giuliana Vitiello

Muxi: a Multimodal Conversational Interface for the Metaverse


Hiroaki Tobita

LingoAI: Language Learning System Integrating Generative AI with 3D Virtual Character


Haruka Takamine and Tatsuo Nakajima

GVT: 3D Teleportation Methods Using Gesture Velocity  in Virtual Environment


Mandy Keck, Lisa-Maria Freller, Thomas Neumayr and Mirjam Augstein

Uncovering Patterns in Design Spaces: An Exploration Tool for the Analysis of Faceted Interface Collections


Vita Santa Barletta, Miriana Calvano, Antonio Curci, Rosa Lanzilotti and Antonio Piccinno

Supporting Therapies for Eating Disorders: a Case Study


Gloria Cobo Zambrana, Ana M. Bernardos, Luca Bergesio and Jose Casar

A wearable-AR service for data-driven scenarios


Roberto Cuervo-Rosillo, Telmo Zarraonandia and Paloma Díaz

Using Generative AI to Support Non-Experts in the Creation of Immersive Experiences


Lucas Elvira-Martín, Teresa Onorati and Paloma Diaz Pérez

DataWave - An interactive and visual tool for creating and exploring large knowledge bases


Ebba Ahlqvist, Amanda Machado, Annie Li, Paulina Palmberg, Lovisa Tholén, Sjoerd Hendriks and Mohammad Obaid

HoneyPot: Connecting Through a Mediated Ambient Plant


Mandy Keck and Kathrin Probst

Getting in Touch: Engaging Public Event Visitors through Participatory Data Physicalization


Karishma Jagdish Gavali, Elena Stoll, Dietrich Kammer and Rüdiger von der Weth

Digital Inclusion and Interaction: A Qualification Tool for Digital Immigrants


Emanuele Pucci, Ludovica Piro, Salvatore Andolina and Maristella Matera

From Conversational Web to Inclusive Conversations with LLMs


Federica Caruso, Sara Peretti, Maria Chiara Pino and Tania Di Mascio

SeriousGXcraft: an XML-based Framework for Developing Serious Games


Hnia El Jadi, Monica Vitali and Salvatore Andolina

Balancing Environmental Sustainability and User Experience: Preliminary Insights from Green Search Engines


Saturnino Luz and Masood Masoodian

Managing Personal Health and Well-being by Integrating Data Streams using Interactive Visualizations


Chiara Gulino and Radoslaw Niewiadomski

Sounding bodies: Exploring sonification to promote physical contact


Antonio Camurri, Cora Gasparotti, Eleonora Ceccaldi, Andrea Cera, Benoît Bardy, Marta Bieńkiewicz, Stefan Janaqi, Gualtiero Volpe, Giorgio Gnecco and Nicola Ferrari

Iterative Design of Two Art-Inspired Experimental Scenarios for Collecting Expressive Movement Data of Individuals and Groups


Ulrich Brandstätter, Bernhard Schenkenfelder, Doris Hohensinger and Harald Kirchtag

Design Considerations for a Multi-user General-purpose Flow-based Visual Programming Environment


Jimmy Orawetz, Felix Mühlberg, Georg Freitag and Dietrich Kammer

Mulsemedia Recording of Real World Places for Reproduction in Replicable Immersive Environments


Maurizio Mancini, Andrea Chirico, Radoslaw Niewiadomski, Giovanna Varni, Tommaso Palombi, Fabio Alivernini and Fabio Lucidi

Multimodal interactive VR mindfulness experience


Mia Čarapina and Klaudio Pap

Supporting Multiuser Multitouch Interaction on Tablet Utilizing a Split Screen Approach


Yu Sun, Andrin Benz and Florian Mathis

Gaze into Fintech: Assessing the Influence of Financial Literacy on Interaction Behaviour Using Eyetracking


Yu Sun

Being in the Zone: Investigating the Effectiveness of In-Vehicle Multi-Sensory Affective Displays


Yuki Nakagawa and Satoshi Nakamura

Drawing-type Search Method Focusing on Penguin’s Abdominal Patterns for Enriching Observation Experiences in an Aquarium


Sayuri Matsuda and Satoshi Nakamura

TsumeColorGram: A Method of Estimating an Object’s Weight  Based on the Thumb’s Nail Color


Demo papers

Demo papers

 Alessio Bellino and Davide Rocchesso

Controlling Trajectories with OneButton and Rhythm


Federica Caruso, Sara Peretti, Vincenza Cofini, Stefano Necozione, Nicola Liberati and Tania Di Mascio

VirtuOR: Immersive Virtual Environments for Pain Management in Operative Rooms - A Demo


Kota Hayakawa and Tatsuo Nakajima

Virtual Dumbbell Training System Using Visual Illusion


Chiara Caccamo, Caterina Calefato and Xavier Claro

Turning knowledge in gold nuggets: the alchemy of applying UX to Open Science digital tools.


Noah Meißner, Bernd Ludwig, Steffen Decker and Volker Bräutigam

Efficient Indoor Mapping with HoloLens 2


Sergiu Gordea, Medina Andresel, Frank Drauschke and Philip Kahle AI supporting collaborative transcription and enrichment of historical documents


Margherita Andrao, Federica Gini, Davide Frageri, Antonio Bucchiarone, Alessandro Cappelletti, Barbara Treccani and Massimo Zancanaro

RuleCraft: an End-User Development Hub for Education


Andrea Chirico, Beth Fairfield, Caterina Padulo, Onofrio Gigliotta, Laura Mandolesi, Noemi Passarello, Barbara Cazzoli, Arnaldo Zelli, Ruggero Romagnoli, Claudio Quagliarotti, Mariafrancesca Piacentini, Maurizio Mancini, Yifei Li and Fabio Lucidi

Dual Cognitive/Motor Training in Augmented Reality


Barbara Cazzolli, Tommaso Palombi, Maurizio Mancini, Fabio Alivernini, Fabio Lucidi and Andrea Chirico

Enhancing Physical activity through Motivational stimuli in Augmented Reality

DC papers

Accepted for presentation and publication in the Conference Proceedings

Muhammad Bilal Khan

How can (physical) computing be combined with storytelling and play in pre-school and early-school education


Luigi Gargioni

Emerging approaches to human-robot collaboration in healthcare


Giacomo Vaiani

Adaptive End-User Development for Social Robotics


Parisa Daeijavad

Investigating the Impact of Multiple View Layouts on Users' Visual Task Performance in Extended Reality


Elena Cicuto

Prototyping a collaborative game tool to include ADHD learners in the smart thing design process: First steps


Andrea Rezzani

Investigating Robot Abuse

Accepted for presentation at the Conference

Miriana Calvano

An Evaluation Framework for Evaluating the Quality of Human-Centered Symbiotic AI Systems


Antonio Curci

A Comprehensive Framework for Guiding the Design of High-Quality Symbiotic AI Systems


Daria Mikhaylova

Automation bias in Human-AI cooperation


Nanjia Wang

Investigating the Impact of Cross Reality on Serious Tasks


Lina Alrabie

Human-Centered AI for Knowledge Work